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The CLP network is dedicated to the revitalization of wastelands and former industrial lands.  


The members of this network meet regularly to discuss updates on the wasteland projects. Fanny VELLIN is charge of presenting the evolution of the legal framework. The objectives of these meetings are to find new environmentally constructive projects on wastland.

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The CLP Network gathers :

  • companies that have land to sell (industrial, public land establishments, etc.)

  • companies that are looking for land (renewable energy developers, land developers / planners)

  • companies that finance the revitalization of wastelands (investment funds)

  • companies that work in the land development sector (insurers, notaries, consulting firms, construction companies, etc.).



Rencontre au cabinet CLP-CLIPERTON

June 9th




1) Legal update on brownfield revitalization and green industry :

  • the Green industry Bill;

  • the implementing decree on Zero Net Artificialization;

  • ADEME's opinion of May 17, 2023 ;

  • the implementing decree on compensatory mesures;

2) the measures envisaged by the government to redirect investments towards the ecological transition (presentation by Thomas Clément, CLp-Cliperton partner, specializing in financing en M&A).

3) Legal update on the Extended Producer Responsibility regarding construction waste (presentation by Christophe Bercher, Environmental Director for Saint-Gobain)

Rencontre au cabinet CLP-CLIPERTON

December 9th



1) Land artificialization – What impacts for project developers? Industrial companies? Photovoltaic developers? Commercial operations? Public entities? (implementation of the Climate and Resilience Law of August 24, 2021, circular of august 4, 2022, decrees n°2022-1309 of October 12; 2022  and n°2022-1312 of October 13, 2022).

2) Diagnosis of demolition products, equipment and materials – New obligations for demolition contractors : draft decree et order submitted to public consultation.

3) Impact of the Renewable Energies Acceleration Bill on brownfield sites.

4) Who will benefit from the Green Funds provided for in the Finance Bill for 2023?

5) What is the utility of the new project certificate for brownfield sites ?

6) What you need to know about PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)”

Rencontre au cabinet CLP-CLIPERTON

May 19th


The meeting brought together 18 companies: lawyers, developers, engineering and environmental consultants, industrialists, renewable energy developers, insurance companies.​


1) Legal Actuality - Fanny VELLIN  (Draft European directive on soils, Zero Net Artificialization implementing decree, new legal framework for termination of industrial activity, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) applied to construction products and materials for the building sector

2) Corporate PPA - Youcef Khelif, Boralex, Energy Market Manager

Rencontre au cabinet CLP-CLIPERTON

November 4th


The meeting has been organized with Linkcity, a subsidary of Bouygues Construction.


1Legal update on brownfields and former industrial land - Fanny Vellin, Partner CLP CLIPERTON,

2) How to understand the value of brownfields, feedback - Florian Milesi - Deputy Director of Major Projects Development, Linkcity

Rencontre au cabinet CLP-CLIPERTON

May 20th


The round table brought together 30 experts from 21 companies.


1) Legal updates by Fanny Vellin (Partner Lawyer - CLP Cliperton); Réda Semlali (Institutional Director - ECT Group) and Christophe Bercher (Environmental Legal Director - Saint Gobain)

2) Presentation of the photovoltaic park development project on the Arkéma chemical site by Thomas Muller (Development Director - Corsica Sole)

3) Presentation of the building situation and the economic context of the Châtellerault foundries of the Alvance Aluminum group by Alexandre Noel (Technical Director - Alvance Aluminum)​


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