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Devoir de vigilance avocat

Compliance with Due Diligence Obligations

We have developed an activity dedicated to supporting companies that must comply with the French Duty of Vigilance of parent companies and contracting companies Act and the Proposal for a Due Diligence Directive which will come into force in 2026.

Are concerned: all subsidiaries, subcontractors, suppliers and service providers, French and foreign, of the supply chain of companies covered by the duty of vigilance..


We organize trainings on duty of vigilance obligations for corporate governance bodies.

The last training took place on November 16, 2022 in Cape Town.

Optional additional services

Depending on the company, additional services may be required: 
- Review of subcontractor and supplier contracts with the inclusion of ethical clauses to ensure that all companies in the supply chain comply with due diligence regulations (with the possibility of contract termination, company monitoring, etc.). 
- Drafting of ethical charters to ensure compliance with obligations in terms of vigilance
- Implementation of an alert procedure
- Implementation of corrective action plans
- Assistance in the deployment of data collection tools for non-financial reporting
- Assistance in the recruitment and training of a specific human rights/ethics position

Diagnostics and summary reports

We carry out company diagnostics for companies subject to the duty of vigilance, their subsidiaries, subcontractors, and suppliers (coordination meeting with the various departments (purchasing, finance, legal, compliance), collecting specific information (labor contracts, environmental standards, etc.), questioning of the various stakeholders (suppliers, customers, CSE). 

We draft a summary report with recommendations for the company's stakeholders and a section for commercial partners.

Litigation and Mediation

We also assist companies or victims (employee representatives and NGOs) in litigation based on non-compliance with the duty of vigilance. 

We have developed a mediation activity in the context of litigation relating to the duty of vigilance.

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